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What’s On – India: 12th – 18th Oct

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1. Sankramana

What – Performance in Kannada with subtitles
When – 12th – 18th October 2020

Original Hindi Play – Sankraman by Kamtanath
Translated into Kannada by S. Surendranath
The Cast – Sihikahi Chandru, Kalpana Naganath, B V Shrunga
Presented by Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara’s ‘Staged@RS’ presents ‘Sankramana’, a play that delves into the issues of generation gaps through a story that strikes at the very heart of every family. The play, in three monologues, is set in a typical middle-class household, and is based on the Hindi original ‘Sankraman’, written by renowned writer Kamtanath.

2. Qissebaazi

What – Storytelling Workshop
When – 12th – 16th October 2020

Brought to you by Prithvi Theatre and The Hoshruba Repertory

Qissebaazi storytelling workshop deconstructs the art of storytelling. It will acquaint you with the various elements of storytelling, the template of a story, the techniques of performances, and the larger context in which a story and a performance operates.

3. Words With Wings

What – Storytelling Workshop for kids (9-14 yrs)
When – 12th -16th October 2020

Brought to you by Prithvi Theatre and Richa Gupta Kala

This Creative Writing workshop aims at helping kids think with abandon and express their ideas with equal flair. From poetry to prompts we explore the world of writing, come up with unique responses and learn to weave our thoughts into exciting words.

4. The Secret Life Of Objects

What – Children’s Workshop (9-12 yrs)
When – 13th and 14th October 2020
Where – To register, click here

In this workshop with Sananda Mukhopadhyaya, children will learn to animate and infuse life into objects and materials from their world, make up their own stories and create fun animation videos using their smartphone cameras! This workshop has been mindfully designed to inculcate 21st Century Skills such as Media Literacy, Technology Literacy, Creativity, Innovation, and more.

5. Unrehearsed Futures #13

Interdisciplinary Resilience (1): Jacques Lecoq’s LEM with Mark Evans | Coventry University and Aurelian Koch | Embodied Poetics

What – Webinar
When – 15th October 2020
WhereTo register for this webinar, please click here

Response-Ability: Theatre Pedagogy in Changing Times

Discussing questions facing drama schools, teachers and students of theatre in the Post-COVID world Unrehearsed Futures is a series of public conversations between heads of drama schools and leading performance trainers from across the globe to discuss and address the new realities of teaching drama. Through these discussions we will look at pedagogical approaches to teaching in the absence of presence, the benefits and challenges of alternative technologies, formats and mediums as well as planning long-term learning journeys against uncertain future conditions.

6. Thespo Tapri: Cheeni Kum, Stories Zyaada

What – Performances
When – 17th and 18th October 2020
Where –

A selection of stories performed by emerging artists, curated from over a 100 pieces that Thespo screened from all around the country. A tapri is a space to reconnect, share good and bad news, and talk about our lives. Twelve performers from seven different cities share a mix of Hindi and English stories over chai, and take you along on a journey of joy, heartbreak, struggle, freedom and love.

7. Mareez

What – Performance
When – 17th October 2020

Dramatization by Vineet Shukla
Directed by Manoj Shah
The Cast – Dharmendra Gohil, Dayashankar Pandhey, Kumkum Das, Aishwarya Mehta, Jay Upadhyay, Hussaini Dawavala, Pradi Vegurlekar, Darshan Pandya and others

Based on Raish Maniaar’s book ‘MAREEZ’ Astitva ane Vyaktitva the play is about a deep and serious exploration of the poetic impulse. The poet, writer of the most beautiful ghazals, lover of alcohol, a man who courts any muse visible to him, a man reduced to selling his poetry to a businessman who passes them of as their own. Mareez is a fantasia of the theme of poetic improvisation.

8. Manto and his “Scandalous” Women (Part II)

What – Urdu Readings
When – 18th October 2020

Presented by Nachiket Devasthali | Alka Sharma | Sapan Saran | Aslam Parvez

Conceived by Aslam Parvez and Tamaasha Theatre

“Aurat par likhne ke liye khud aurat banana padhta hai.” – Manto

Sugandhi, Sharda, Sultana, Mozil, Sakina … Manto has created some of the most fascinating women in Urdu literature. Manto’s gaze is non-judgemental and his women characters resist categorisation into specific types. They question existing gender norms, and embody a fierce passion for life and love. They surprise and inspire us as we take a journey into Manto’s unique writing. The readings will be interspersed with relevant excerpts from articles, poems and discussions that help further our understanding of the theme.

9. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

What – Community Play Reading
When – 18th October 2020

Playwright – Dale Wasserman
Reading organised by Curtain Call – A Community Reading Initiative

Randle McMurphy contrives to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. Once incarcerated in the institution, the cost of his decision becomes apparent when he finds himself in direct conflict with Nurse Ratched. The rights of institutionalised patients, often treated cruelly, is a key theme in the play. With a strong female character, the play also raises questions about masculinity, social pressure and shame. Curtain Call creates intimate virtual spaces to read different thematic plays. Given the social relevance of these plays, each reading is followed by an in-depth, guided discussion on the various themes.

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