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What’s On – India: 14th – 20th Dec

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1. Ateliers For Young Festival Managers

What – Opportunity
When – Deadline 15th December 2020

Where – Applications

Call for applications for in-person Ateliers for Young Festival Managers in DÜSSELDORF (June 2021) & KAMPALA (August 2021).

An opportunity to exchange ideas with a diverse group of creative minds coming from all over the world, to become part of a festival makers’ global community now counting more than 700 festival leaders and to meet up with both emerging and expert festival leaders, cultural activists and artists to critically reflect for 7 days on the role of festivals in today’s world.

2. Plays At Prithvi

What – Live Theatre
When – 15th – 20th December 2020
Where – Prithvi Theatre

Tickets on BookMyShow

Dec. 15th – Aranya’s JO DOOBA SO PAAR

Writer: Ajitesh Gupta, Director: Ajitesh Gupta & Mohit Agarwal, Cast: Ajitesh Gupta, Mohit Agarwal, Jitendra, Arun, Ashish, Rigved, Rattan, Shalaka, Pooja, Mrunmay & Naynesh

Dec. 17th – Stage Smith’s BOMBAY JAZZ

Writer: Ramu Ramanathan, Director: Etienne Coutinho, Cast: Denzil Smith and Rhys Sebastian D’souza

Dec. 19th – Motley’s AURAT! AURAT! AURAT!

Writer: Ismat Chughtai, Director: Naseeruddin Shah, Cast: Seema Pahwa, Bhavna Pani, Trishla Patel, Jaya Virlley, Prerna Chawla, Shruti Vyas, Saahil Vaid & Dhruv Karla

3. Thespo 22 – Double The Dramagiri

What – Youth Theatre Digital Festival
When – 16th – 20th December 2020

Full Schedule on the Thespo Website 

India’s first International Digital Youth Theatre Festival with five days of live performances, workshops, play readings, conversations & collaborations. Explore storytelling with them, and be part of this global community of young, emerging artists!

4. Yeh Duniya Rangeen

What – A play for toddlers
When – 19th December 2020

Presented by Theatre 1 Entertainment, New Delhi, as part of the Pitara International TYA Festival

The play is about colours. Through body movements and sounds primary and secondary colours are played and lived by the characters. The colours are displayed on stage in an abstract form through movements and in concrete form through materials of different textures.

5. The Best Of Kommune

What – Poetry and Story telling
When – 20th December 2020

Warm your hearts with beautiful verses, heart-touching stories, and powerful performances, by the best of the best – Rabia Kapoor, Priyanka Paul, Nakuul Mehta, Ishpreet Balbir, and Sheena Khalid. As this crazy year comes to an end, join Kommune as we seek solace, joy, and celebration, the only way we know how – by getting together to celebrate the magic of words. This is an online show, which you can watch for free! RSVP for the event to book your slot before the event sells out.

6. Urdu Hai Jiska Naam – Urdu In Cinema – Part I

What – Urdu reading
When – 20th December 2020

Conceived by: Aslam Parvez and Tamaasha Theatre

The evening will explore, trace, and understand the journey of Urdu in Hindustani Cinema through the work of some of the finest Urdu writers. Written in the form of articles and character sketches, these writings are about film personalities who have played a defining role in the growth of Urdu in Cinema. The team will read articles and character sketches by: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas on Majrooh Sultanpuri, Kaifi Azmi; Manto on Ashok Kumar, Nargis, Noor Jahan among others.

7. The Bird

What – A play for children
When – 20th December 2020

Presented by Minduelle Theatre, South Korea, as part of the Pitara International TYA Festival

A Crane finds a stray baby bird. They fly around and meet various other birds – Sparrow, Owl, Eagle, Hen etc. – while looking for the mother bird. The Crane asks them if they know the mother bird, but nobody has a clue. After sometime, at the change of season, the crane has to go back north but they haven’t yet found the mom……“The Bird” is a non-verbal depiction of this storyline and is told through movements and music. The Laundry hanging on the line becomes a crane. A plastic bag becomes the flock of sparrows. What might become of the towel and socks? The performance is based on the art of Object Theatre, using objects from our daily lives, and the audience will also witness the graceful movements based on traditional Korean dances.

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