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What’s On – India: 14th-20th Sept

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1. Dance for Mature Movers

Presented by Attakkalari Connect
What: Dance Workshop
Date: 15th – 29th September 2020
Where: BookMyShow

Mature Movers is a specially designed movement class especially for those aged above 40 years. It is carefully constructed by renowned choreographer and Artistic Director of Attakkalari to engage and enliven our joints and muscles through grounding yet liberating movement patterns.

2. Creativity in communities during Covid-19: Developing inclusive solutions to global challenge

What: Discussion
Date: 17th September 2020

This webinar explores how artists, entrepreneurs and leaders are finding innovative and inclusive ways of working with communities in response to the current crisis. Guest speakers Rashmi Dhanwani, Jude Kelly and Tizzita Mengesha, will be sharing their views and experiences from around the world in an open discussion and will look at – How important is creativity in adapting to the challenges and opportunities presented by Covid-19? How can creativity provide innovative solutions for communities in crisis? Is creativity inclusive by nature, and what does it take to be creative?

3. The Zone

With Ashish Vidyarthi
What: Self Improvement Workshop
Date: 18th September 2020
Where: BookMyShow
Language: English or Hindi

True greatness lies not in the absence of adversity but in an individual’s ability to stay committed to purpose even amidst challenges. The Zone is a peak performance workshop through which you will learn how to manage the chaos of the external world, master the turbulence in your mind, create allies out of adversities and stride ahead with greatness of purpose.

4. Improvisation Dance

Presented by Ilona Gumowska
What: Dance Workshop
Date: 19th September 2020
Where: BookMyShow

The workshop is based on intuitive movement inspired by images, engaging different senses and stimulating the imagination. Participants will explore the natural flow of movement, look for movements coordinated with breathing as well as moments of surprises and pleasure derived from dance. Through specific improvisational tasks, they will expand the awareness of their own body in relation to the external and inner space and discover individual ways of movement.

5. Stories From The Mahabharata

Presented by Aparna Jaishankar
What: Storytelling
Date: 19th September 2020
Where: BookMyShow
Language: English and Hindi

“What is found here may be found elsewhere, but what is not found here cannot be found elsewhere.” Few stories in the world are as intriguing as the Mahabharata, with its numerous plots and sub plots and characters having strengths and flaws in equal measure. Aparna Jaishankar recreates an interest in this epic.

6. Beat Your Writer’s Block

Presented by Megha Rao for Kommune
What: Workshop
Date: 19th & 20th September 2020
Where to watch:

A two-day comprehensive creative writing workshop that focuses on poetry, storytelling, developing voice, tackling literary obstacles and the know-how of the literary world. You will learn how to take your work to the next level, be it submitting to a publishing house or performing on stage.

7. Manto And His “Scandalous” Women (Part I)

Stories Presented by Nachiket Devasthali, Alka Sharma, Sapan Saran, Aslam Parvez, Jahnvi Shrimankar
What: Urdu readings
Date: 20th September 2020
Where to watch:
Language: Urdu

Manto’s gaze is non-judgemental and his women characters resist categorisation into specific types. They question existing gender norms and embody a fierce passion for life and love. Sugandhi, Sharda, Sultana, Mozil, Sakina … Manto has created some of the most fascinating women in Urdu literature. Enjoy Tamaasha’s popular Urdu readings interspersed with relevant excerpts from articles, poems and discussions that help further the understanding of the theme. The stories being read are Anjam Bakhair, Padhiye Qalma and Sadak ke Kinaare.

8. Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara - Little Cloud Season 1
What: Storytelling
When: Anytime

The importance and relevance of stories remain unchanged through the years. It is the way we move forward. With this aim Ranga Shankara has taken their signature storytelling programme, “Little Cloud” (under AHA! – Theatre for Children) onto the digital platform. All the stories have been shot during the COVID-19 lockdown with just phone cameras! 15 of the country’s best theatre artists came together to share 21 stories in 6 languages in Series 1; Series 2 was bigger with artists from the United States, Switzerland, Austria and Germany joining Indian artists. You can watch all the stories for free on their website.

9. IFA-PARI Creative Grant

What: Opportunity
When: Application deadline: 30th September 2020
Where: For more details on the grant and application process please click on this link

The IFA-PARI Creative Grant will support arts practitioners across disciplines to engage with the online platform of the People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI) and contribute to the themes and stories there, in innovative, engaging and original ways. The outcome of the grant could be short films, posters, graphics, illustrated stories, music, etc. It could even be designing for the ever-growing branches of the website.

10. Story-A-Thon

What: Story writing competition
When: Applications accepted between 8th-30th September 2020
Where: Event with Google or British Council

Celebrate International Literacy Day with Story-A-Thon. This is a platform for little authors between the ages of 5-11 to explore their creative writing skills. They can write their stories in either English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or whichever language they are comfortable with. The theme is How Will You Make The World A Better Place. The kids will get a chance to be featured on global learning platforms like Read Along by Google, Global Digital Library, and Pratham Books Storyweaver (across multiple languages).

11. Theatre Film Theatre – A Festival of Shorts

What: Multiple Shorts
Date: 30th Aug to 27th Sept 2020

The Company Theatre brings you a festival of experimental short films using the language of film to tell the story of theatre plays. Each short will be up on their YouTube channel for 48 hours. Curated by Atul Kumar, Mallika Singh, Vara Raturi, Anupam Barve and Sonal Gupta the festival brings together 15 filmmakers and over 500 theatre actors. The films have been inspired by a wide range of theatre texts including Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Julius Caesar to Tagore’s Chitrangada, Abhishek Majumdar’s The Djinn’s of Eidgah and Manav Kaul’s Chuhal. The full schedule is below.

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