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What’s On – India: 16th – 22nd Nov

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1. Tata Literature Live

Tata Lit Live
What – Festival
When – 16th – 22nd November 2020

Where – Schedule :

Speaker List :

Festival Website :

Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest 2020 is a virtual celebration of ideas. The festival will host over 80 sessions, featuring a stellar line up of globally acclaimed speakers, which will all be streamed live on their website and YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

All sessions are free to attend and no registration is required.

2. Arts Leadership Through Covid-19 In India And Wales

What – Webinar
When – 17th November 2020

Where – To register – Click here

Part of the British Council India – Wales Digital Festival. As arts and creative industry sectors in India and Wales start to recover from the global pandemic, hear from arts leaders in India and Wales on how collective action and resilience are enabling and encouraging the sectors to imagine a new future for the arts. Chaired by Rashmi Dhanwani, Founder Director, The Art X Company.

3. The Basics Of Acting

What – Workshop
When – 17th November 2020

Conducted by Rytasha Rathore

Have you always wanted to be an actor, but struggled with prep and performance? From being present at the moment to owning the stage, Rytasha will impart her learned secrets about the basics of acting. This event is a fundraiser for the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

4. Radio Ga Ga (The Broadband Theatre Company) – Online Workshops At Prithvi

What – Workshop (8-10 yrs and 11-15 yrs)
When – 17th – 26th November 2020


Conducted by Arti Patt and Shivani Vakil Savant

A workshop where the participants discover the use of Voice & Sound to perform a Radio Play. The sessions will use Theatre Games & Exercises focussing on Modulation, Diction, Clarity, Projection, as well as explore Nuances & Expressions to get under the skin of the Character to bring text alive.

5. Unrehearsed Futures – An Actor Prepares For?

What – Discussion
When – 19th November 2020

Where – To Register: Click here

With Kamili Okweni Feelings, Guide, Embodied Poetics, Linus Tunström, Upssala City Theatre and Julie Beauvais, Zurich Festival for New Music

Unrehearsed Futures has brought together leading pedagogues and trainers from the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia to lead open discussions about the future of drama training in uncertain times.  The new series of talks, curated by Amy Russell | Founder & Director, Embodied Poetics, hope to examine the way things have been and how they need to evolve to make way for a more diverse and robust theatre of the future.

6. The Seed Savers

What – Play
When – 21st and 22nd November 2020

Inspired by Bijal Vachharajani’s ‘The Seed Savers’, published by Pratham Books
Adaptation and Direction Shaili Sathyu
Produced by Gillo Repertory Theatre

The Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival presents ‘ THE SEED SAVERS’ inspired by a real-life event about a group of women who join hands and courageously overcome a BIG problem they face every year. They are looking for a way to grow seeds that are happy. A journey that is full of challenges; a task that seems impossible; but, also a chance to sow happiness.

7. How To Write Poetry

What – Workshop
When – 20th November 2020

Conducted by Megha Rao for Kummune

A fun, comprehensive workshop on writing poetry, focusing on topics such as imagery and metaphors, editing, contemporary cliches, themes, cultivating an authentic personal style and postmodern techniques of writing poetry. Key takeaways from the workshop: Tools and techniques of writing poetry, poetry exercises, experimentation in writing, discovering your voice.

8. Poetry With Prakriti

What – Poetry Reading
When – 21st November 2020

Readings by Danish Husain

Danish Husain is an actor, storyteller, poet, and a theatre director. He will be reading his poems followed by discussion and Q & A. The session will be moderated by writer and poet Peter Griffin

9. Gujjubhai Ni Golmaal

What – Play
When – 20th – 22nd November 2020


The Cast – Siddharth Randeria, Tejal Vyas, Ajay Parekh, Purvi Vyas
Directed by Siddharth Randeria

Being unable to meet his wife’s ever-increasing demands, Arvind (Siddharth Randeria) strives to make easy money. He tries a few options to make a quick buck. To his misfortune, all of them turnout to be scams. Subsequently, he realizes that God has blessed him to make his dreams come true. His greed knows no limit and he gets entangled in his own trap. Is there a way out? This drama comes with 100% Uproarious Laughter Guarantee.

10. Baa Hun Tane Kya Rakhu

What – Play
When – 20th – 22nd November 2020


The Cast – Rohini Hattangadi, Sanjay Goradia, Parag Shah, Tulika Patel
Directed by Vipul Mehta

Mangla Divecha has 2 children. She keeps shuffling between the houses of her 2 sons after her husband’s death. Some events transpire in her life. How will she deal with them?

11. Professional Physical Performance Training

Professional Physical Performance Training
What – Workshop
When – 23rd November – 18th December 2020

Where – Jungle Dance Theatre, Goa

Conducted by Melissa Eveleigh with guest teachers Ashwath Bhatt and Purnendra Meshram and special sessions with immensely talented movement artists based in North Goa Sharath Shantharaju, Ivan Gurianov, Naresh Gupta, Samarth Zorba, with amazing percussionist Leo Bell.

This professional physical performance training and mentorship programme is for actors, dancers, creators and performance artists. Performers will be given a rigorous training in Lecoq based physical theatre and devising, with in depth exploration of comic and tragic territories plus time with creative writing, dance-theatre, capoeria, contact improvisation, yoga and meditative practices. The 4 week immersion uses a ‘whole person’ approach with plenty of activities to connect fully to yourself, and to nature outside the rigorous daily schedule. This mixed methodology invigorates your creativity, relaxes the self and opens the performer to expanding potential, ideas and skill. The teaching will equip you with a diverse set of skills, enrich your repertoire, and further develop your ability to create and perform genuinely original and inspiring work.

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