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What’s On – India: 21st-27th Sept

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1. A Conversation with Sushama Deshpande

What: Talk
When: 22nd September 2020

The fantastic actor and a theatre maker Sushama Deshpande in conversation with Nandita Patkar, catching up about all things theatre, life, art and a lot more.

2. Five Step Performance

What: Workshop
When: 25th – 29th September 2020

Conducted by John Britton

You are given some text . You must prepare your performance. This is the actor’s job. Where do you start? What comes first? How do the elements of performance combine? How do you keep your performance ‘alive’ when you come to deliver? How do you calm your nerves and focus on task?
How do you make a performance you can repeat as many times as you need – always ‘as if for the first time’? Based on three-decades of directing, teaching and performing, this course will give you a direct and memorable five-step framework for exploring, creating and performing any scene – for camera or live performance. Working from a piece of Shakespearean text and based in John Britton’s unique psychophysical approach to training, the course will help you become present, confident and disciplined as you explore, rehearse and deliver performance.

3. Life is a Circus

What: Circus
When: 25th – 27th September 2020
Where: BookMyShow

Rambo Circus brings to you, a first ever digitally produced show, ‘Life is a circus’ – An ode to the greatest showmanship. Drawing people towards this fast fading art form, Rambo Circus crew has been a veteran in the industry since past 29 years. From daring trapeze acts to mesmerising acrobatic stunts, it has always been the first choice for a complete family entertainment. Once a touring troupe, the artists have now committed themselves to come into your homes and make you laugh. With no shows since March due to the lockdown, they are struggling to make the ends meet. Dive in for an immersive experience curated just to make you smile and do return the favour by making a generous donation to bring a smile on the artist’s face.

4. Research and Writing for Grants

What: Workshop
When: 25th – 27th September 2020

Successful grant writing proposals can open doors and offer new opportunities for independent artists and organisations. Kolkata Centre for Creativity welcomes participants to an online capacity building workshop on ‘Research and Writing for Grants’. The workshop will be conducted by, Masoom Parmar, Bangalore based dancer, curator and arts manager. It aims to introduce the types and fundamentals of successful grant research and writing skills.

5. Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

What: Play
When: 26th September 2020
Where: BookMyShow

A reimagined performance with our favourite characters from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. From the crooked cons of the emperor’s new clothes, to the dance girl in red shoes, to the fragile Thumblina and the mysterious Little Mermaid all these characters live in a world between fantasy and reality, on a journey to find a home. This performance integrates Dance, Puppetry, Theatre &  Music, These are the Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Europe’s most travelled writer, presented by multiple collaborators in a way you’ve never seen or heard before.

6. Creativity Summit

What: Symposium
When: 26th and 27th September 2020
Where: BookMyShow
Language: English

The Creativity Summit is an initiative by Uable to help children be free of classrooms, be free of instructions, of mindless consumption and be free to create. In a dialogue with Kalki Koechlin they will look at how to raise curious, multi-talented, creative kids. Parents and teachers will learn about the benefits of activity-driven, play-based learning.

7. Song writing and releasing your music

What: Workshop
When: 26th and 27th September 2020

Conducted by Hanita Bhambri for Kommune

Learn about the journey of a song from its creation to its release and its key aspects like storytelling, finding inspiration and how to go about releasing your original songs from scratch. You will learn how to write lyrics, compose a melody, know what makes a good song, how to market your song, finding your audience on social media, the process of releasing a song, copyrighting your work and earning royalties…and a lot more.

8. Bhes

What: New Writing Podcast
When: 27th September 2020

Produced by Indian Ensemble and Studio Tamasha
Written by: Abhimanyu Acharya
Directed by Sukant Goel
The Cast: Ajeet Singh Palawat, Alka Sharma, Aseem Hattangadi, Kailash Waghmare, Kaustav Sinha, Mayur More
Language: Hindi

The play is a conflict between two heads of a Bhavai troupe (Gujarati folk theatre form), a father and a son. On the same night, they both decide to stage different ‘Veshas’ (a bhavai play). The father stages the Vesha of Asaait Thakar, the founder of the Bhavai form itself. It is set in the fourteenth century and shows how a transgression of caste identity was at the foundation of Bhavai. The son stages a modern Vesha, a story of two lower-caste cops and their encounter with a Patidar youth right after the violent Patidar agitation for reservation in Gujarat in 2015. The play oscillates between both the Veshas and probes into a fundamental question: How can one claim an identity without the stigma attached to it?

9. Playback Diaries V.55

What: Playback Theatre
When: 27th September
Where:, Townscript, BMS

Presented by The Actor’s Collective
Language: English

Imagine an intimate theatre where you, as an audience-member, share a real-life incident from your life and choose a set of trained actors to play you and the other crucial parts in your story. Imagine then, that you sit back and watch your story come to life through a theatre that is spontaneous and gripping, even as a group of musicians play soulfully in the background. And as your story is performed for you, you get the unique opportunity to watch it from a different perspective and thereby draw more empowering lessons from this re-enactment. This is a theatre of empathy. Of honouring the “teller”. Of playing-it-back in a manner that does justice to the teller. All stories are safe in this environment. For the teller and the audience, it is a shared experience.

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