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What’s On – India: 23rd – 29th Nov

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1. Einstein

What – Live Performance
When – 26th to 29th November 2020
Where – Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai

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Writer: Gabriel Emanuel
Director: Naseeruddin Shah
Co- Director: Ratna Pathak Shah & Arghya Lahiri
Cast: Naseeruddin Shah

Gabriel Emanuel’s “Einstein” is a ‘line drawing’ suggesting the spirit of the lovable figure, who despite being a towering thinker and great scientist, was plagued with doubts disappointments and failures in common with the rest of mankind.

2. The Thing Is

What – Live Performance
When – 26th to 29th November 2020
Where – Tamaasha Studio

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Written by: Milind Dhaimade, Imran Rasheed, Sapan Saran
Directed by: Sapan Saran
Performed by: Chinmay Kelkar, Shilpa Sane, Shruti Mishra, Varun Kulkarni
Movement by: Shruti Mishra
Music by: Kaizad Gherda, Rohit Das
Design by: Vivek Jadhav

The thing is … I wish I could

A wish “sometimes implies a longing, especially for the unattainable …” And what could be a more apt metaphor for 2020?  Wishing, hoping. Three writers explore the idea of wishing through the worlds of three unusual characters. In Sifar the young man comically constructs the dynamics of the world using numbers and their value, always wishing he was the number zero. In Lekhak Ki Begum the cheerful housewife nurtures fiercely a desire to enter the intellectual world inhabited by her husband. In the Wishful Life of Vishu we see a loser, embittered against the deep injustice of a cynical class divide. Interweaving these three pieces is Bindu, a choreographed piece that explores primeval human longings that are resolute and hopeful.

3. The Queen Of Drama

What – Live Performance
When – 27th November 2020
Where – Chowdiah Memorial, Bangalore

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Written and performed by Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

A single mother stuck in the quagmire of her strict moral middle-class upbringing, in frantic search of the happily ever after, Suchitra hurtles chugs and somersaults through a roller coaster journey in a desperate bit to find security and true love. Along the way she finds herself being pushed in all the wrong directions by shrewd analysts, horny canines, pushy gal-pals, and men who are either unsuitable, unwilling, or just plain terrified.

Drama Queen the musical play, is based on the novel drama Queen, a fictional memoir authored by Suchitra Krishnamoorthi in 2013.

4. Orange City Literature Festival

What – Festival
When – 27th to 29th November 2020
Where – For more details visit

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The festival intends to involve Poets, Writers, Actors, Journalists, personalities, etc who will interact in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Bengali to share their work and enlighten us with their ideas about literature and culture with talks, panel discussions, book signings, book readings, etc, during the course of this festival. Various workshops and contests on art, literature, and culture will also be a part of the festival. The gathering of these intellectuals during this festival will add value to the initiative. They will surely give an insight to the attendees to contemplate and to discuss various topics in different languages – on literature, and life.

5. Hasat Khelat

What – Play
When – 27th to 29th November 2020


The Cast – Ashok Saraf, Nivedita Saraf, Madhavi Gogate, Nandu Gadgil, Vinay Yedkar

A part of Rangmanch Leela

Hasat Khelat is a rib tickling marathi comedy play about a couple. All is going well in their family till the day the wife starts suspecting that her husband is having an extra marital affair. Rib tickling situations follow.

6. Maniben.Com

What – Play
When – 27th to 29th November 2020


The Cast – Ketki Dave, Dilp Darbar, Kalyani Thakkar, Chintan Mehta, Devang Bhatt, Jaydeep Shah, Prem Parmar

Directed by Kaushal Shah

A part of Rangmanch Leela

Not so sophisticated Maniben(Ketaki Dave) has shifted from a middle-class locality to posh area in Mumbai with her husband Jaman (a rich diamond merchant). Jaman ridicules her for the blunders she makes in front of their neighbours. Hilarious situations follow when Maniben makes multiple attempts to learn English, engages in fashion designing and also participates in the Mrs. World competition. What lies ahead in this fun-filled journey of the humble Maniben?

7. The Wish

What – Play Reading
When – 28th November 2020

Directed by Amrith Jayan of Dot Theatre, Bangalore.

Performed by: Mohammed Lehry

This is a part of Drama. Discourse. Dialogue brought to you by Prakiriti Foundation. A retrospective of plays by Manjula Padmanaban from her book of plays (Laughter & Blood, Blood & Laughter).

8. Creative Collaboration 2020: Technology And The Future Of Theatre

What – Discussion
When – 28th November 2020

Where – RSVP: Townscript website

Royal Opera House, Mumbai, The Kala Ghoda Association (KGA), Kommune India and Avid Learning present , a fascinating live session with Actor, Writer, Director, Founder, Kommune and Birth Mother, Spokenfest Roshan Abbas and Theatre Director, Performer and Curator at Kommune Sheena Khalid. Having conceptualised the collaborative live virtual interactive play Lockdown Love, Sheena and Roshan will share fascinating insights and perspectives with respect to not just this innovative project but also the larger context on the collaborative future of Theatre and how all the arts can come together- using the power of technology to reach more and diverse viewers.

Highlights to include: Understand how the live component of Theatre has evolved; Explore how practitioners are leveraging technology for Collaboration; Discover the new forms of creative collaboration in Theatre and the Arts that have emerged; Learn about cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration in the Arts at large; Delve into Lockdown Love and other genre-defying projects made during this time

9. Legal Issues In The Digital Domain

What – Workshop
When – 29th November 2020


Conducted by Advoacte Sanjay Kher

The current pandemic has forced performing artistes to embrace digital space like never before. The copyright laws are widely seen as not having kept up with the advancement in technology. Together with an array of digital media, the digital technologies have posed several challenges for the administration and protection of copyright laws. On one hand, the ease of creating, modifying and sharing content on the digital media makes copyright enforcement a challenge, on the other hand, the digital content creators are not able to exercise effective control over their content and its monetisation. The digital media also poses a challenge to the user’s ability to make informed decisions. This workshop will deal with ethical and legal rights of the creator, the media, and the buyer (user) of the digital content. Discussions will focus on specific issues related to each of these three stake holders. Advocate Sanjay Kher is a senior practicing lawyer of the Bombay High Court. He is specialized in intellectual property laws, and has vast international experience of handling contentious patent and copyright litigations, and prosecutions.

10. The Artists Round Table

What – Discussion
When – 29th November 2020


Brought to you by the Hyderabad Children’s Festival

Over the last few months, we have spent a lot of time reflecting on what theatre people can offer to anyone in times like these, especially when working for Young Audiences. Should one get onboard the online “live” theatre bandwagon? What of the immersiveness, the tactility, and the delicious moments when performers and audiences breathe as one? How do we address the large section of our audience, especially in India, who do not have digital access? Can we find ways to make this virtual experience something of value to children? We have spent plenty of time during the extended lockdowns trying to listen to scientists, theatre makers, parents and educators. It has become clear that we don’t have the answers, so what can we offer our young audiences?

Perhaps that there are ways to ask questions. To help point us in the right direction, we have asked the following people to join us for a Round Table Discussion on Theatre for Young Audiences –
Lee Lyford, Theatr Iolo, Shaili Sathyu, Gillo Repertory Theatre,  Dhanendra Kawade, Swangvale Productions, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Habijabi Productions, Pallavi Verma Minnaganti, Shayontoni Ghosh, Surabhi Santhosh and Vaishali Bisht

11. Zero To Sixty

What – Comedy Writing Workshop
When – 29th November 2020


Workshop Conducted by Kunal Rao

If you’ve always wanted to try writing and performing standup comedy, but had no idea how or where to start, this workshop will cover some of the basics of standup comedy writing to help you get your first 3 minutes together—we call it the Tight 3. This workshop is designed for newcomers who have not performed standup comedy at all, or tried it just a handful of times. Together we’ll tackle the basics: ideas, writing, structure, performance, delivery.

12. In Between

What – Play
When – Nov 29th November 2020


Created by Chandan Roy Sanyal

The Cast – Aarti Aney, Joy Fernandes, Abhishek Saha, Arpita Banerjee, Aman Uppal, Sudeep Modak

A live film with 8 actors and a camera; filmed in one single shot, and streamed directly to you. A slice-of-life, fly-on-the-wall peek into an actor’s mind and day. How does one be seen, be heard, be
acknowledged? What really goes down as they audition day after day, striving to achieve recognition and acceptance.

13. Practicing Theatre In Changing Contexts – Smart Online

What – Workshop
When – 2nd to 4th December, Deadline for registration: November 29, 2020

Where – Please register here:

A 3-Day Workshop for Theatre Groups and Practitioners to Reflect and Recalibrate in partnership with India Foundation for the Arts funded by the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and other partners. With the impact of the pandemic being felt across all forms of theatre practice, this workshop aims to explore ways and means of coping, and strategizing, during these unprecedented times. It will also encourage participants to collectively engage in innovative thinking for the transformed futures we will inhabit.

Who is this for: Theatre groups from all over India. We encourage two people from each group to participate

Who are the facilitators: The SMART Online workshop is facilitated by leading theatre practitioners and arts managers from across the country: Arundhati Ghosh, Ashish Mehta, Menaka Rodriguez, Neel Chaudhuri, Sameera Iyengar, Sudhanva Deshpande and Sunil Shanbag.

For more information contact:

14. PICA Interdisciplinary Lab: Encounter, Practice, Play

What – Opportunity
When – Last date for application 12th December 2020

WhereAustralia Council Website

The Australia Council for the Arts and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) recognize the tumultuous year for the arts in 2020 and how independent artists have been affected in a multitude of ways, including opportunities to gather and connect in a global context. In 2021, PICA will host the first of a three-year artist exchange and professional development program with Australian and South and Southeast Asian artists. In 2021, this will include three artist labs led by Australian artists Joel Bray and Eugenia Lim, and will focus on interdisciplinary and intercultural practice through discussion, practice sharing and workshops. The labs will be an experiment in finding innovative ways of fostering togetherness and embodied practice, even when we must remain physically separated. Under PICA’s remit to support interdisciplinary practice, this program will foster learning, skills development and collaboration with a focus on exchange between artists living and working across the Australian and South/Southeast Asian regions. A participation fee of $1500 AUD will be provided to each artist for a week’s worth of commitment spread across the year. The lab will support 4 Australian artists, 2 artists from South Asia and 2 artists from Southeast Asia. 2021 marks the first of a three-year engagement with the potential in later years to gather in person in Perth, when travel is again possible. Further outcomes will be dependent on the 2021 lab.

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