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What’s On – India: 30th Nov – 6th Dec

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1. The Imaginary Window – Online Workshops @ Prithvi

What – Workshop (9-12 yrs)
When –  30th November – Dec 4th December 2020


Workshop Conducted by Trishla Patel

All these months locked away at home, we daydream of a different time or a different world. A world which is maybe full of chocolates, or mystery or fairy tales or just the world as we remember. You can be anything in this imaginary window- an alien, a goblin, a world-class athlete, a president, a ship, or even a pair of spectacles. Let’s discover each other’s worlds.

2. Myths And Madness – Online Workshops @ Prithvi

What – Workshop (12-14 yrs)
When – 30th November  – 4th December 2020


Workshop Conducted by Shruti Sridharan and Sananda Mukhopadhyaya

Pandora’s curiosity, Prometheus’s gift, Athena’s city, Narcissus’ reflection…The ancient Greek Myths are packed to the brim with God’s who are as flawed as humans and stories far more complex than reality!

Over the course of this workshop children will learn skills of character analysis, world-building, acting, costume and production design and script writing, using the world of Greek Myths. This workshop will culminate in a short online performance.

3. Gandhi

What – Live Performance
When – 1st December 2020
Where – Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai

Tickets on BookMyShow

Written, directed and performed by Makarand Deshpande

Produced by Ansh

Gandhi ka mere man par hua gaharaa asar. Manchpar laaneka hai yah avasar, manchpar andheraa hai, use saty ke aagrah kee roshani chaahie, tab banenge naa hum aatmanirabhar
Hamaare liye 2 Akṭoobar Gandhi janamadeevas aur vishv bhar mein ahinsaa divas!!

Gandhiji ke sidhaant kee aankh lagee hai agar, toh use prem se jagaaneka he mera prayaas, palbhar.

4. Pitaji Please

What – Live Performance
When – 2nd December 2020
Where – Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai

Tickets on BookMyShow

Writer & Director: Makarand Deshpande

The Cast: Swanand Kirkire, Zahan Kapoor, Aakanksha Gade, Madhuri Gawli, Snehal Mandgulkar

The love between a father and his son compels them to keep one lie between them to welcome Swati in their house. A compelling warm, truthful play about a lie out of fear!!

5. Nothing Like Lear

What – Live Performance
When – 4th December 2020

Where – Prithvi Theatre
Tickets on BookMyShow

Adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear
Directed by Rajat Kapoor
Produced by Cinematograph

The Cast: Vinay Pathak

Ever thought what a clown does when he is depressed? It sure is tough being a clown.
Here is one who hasn’t stopped crying for days. And he has plenty of reasons for it.
The one he loved the most has left him and gone away… for good. And now he has NOTHING.

Then, he is not getting any younger. In fact- he is old. But more than anything else, he is depressed because he has been forced to perform this play. No wonder he is depressed!

6. The Science Of Imagination

What – Online Workshop
When – 4th December 2020


Imagination is the source of an actor’s creativity. Whether it is creating characters that are unique or portraying emotions never experienced, the stronger an actor’s imagination, the more powerful the portrayal. In this workshop, Actor Prepares acting coach Dimple Kalshan will teach you how to evolve creative skills by building your imagination with a full-workout using various techniques and exercises.

7. Fairytales Retold – Object Theatre Festival

What – Online Theatre Festival
When – 5th and 6th December 2020


Brought to you by Tram Arts Trust

This festival features 3 LIVE performances by 3 object-theatre artists that travel into the hidden, unusual corners of classic stories like Cinderella, Snow-White, The Little Mermaid, Red Riding Hood & Rapunzel and find the threads that tie them to our lives today. They not only re-tell the content from perspectives that are familiar, relevant & significant to us; but also re-tell them with today’s objects that we all live with every day, use every day, and that are deeply part of our lives today ~ in performance techniques called object theatre & object puppetry.

Note# Proceeds from the festival will go towards commissioning new artwork by artists in need of financial support due to pandemic.


Object Theatre & Object Puppetry
Story, Concept and Written by Abhishek Basak

Director: Abhishek Basak

Object Puppetry, Puppet theatre

Writer, performer, scenographer, puppet-maker: Dharanya Srinivasan

Object Theatre & Object Puppetry

Concept, performance & Direction: Sannidhi Surop

8. I Don’t Like It, As You Like It

What – Online Play
When – 5th, 12th and 13th December 2020

Directed by Rajat Kapoor
Produced by Cinematograph for Aadyam

The Cast – Aadar Malik, Cyrus Sahukar, Faezeh Jalali, Joy Fernandez, Rytasha Rathore, Shruti Vyas, Vinay Pathak

A group of clowns is trying to put up Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’. The director of the troupe is distressed because he neither likes the play (which he says, is not a comedy – just two laughs and a death away from tragedy), nor is he very fond of the inept clowns who insist on hamming. Plus, they don’t have a rehearsal space anymore. They decide to move to the forest.

As if things were not bad enough, the director has a moment of epiphany. ‘Shakespeare made Rosalind Ganymede. What an underachiever. I will make all the men play women, and all the women play men.’, he says.

9. Art Is Life

What – Online Performance and Discourse
When – 5th December 2020 onwards

WhereArt Is Life Website

The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) is launching one of the first digital museums in the country. with a week-long festival, Art (is) Life. The festival premieres with a special event on 5 December 2020, and a curated programme of events follows each day, till 11 December 2020.

Each day of Art (is) Life focuses on one department of the MAP collection, as they travel through time and across borders, with experts, performers and other museum partners, showcasing how the arts are interconnected with each other.

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