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What’s On – India: 9th – 15th Nov

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1. Virtual Interactive Stage

What – Opportunity
When – The briefing takes place on 12th November 2020

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Harkat Studios, supported by the Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai,  launches a new kind of “stage”, and a grant to commission 3 new performances before the end of the year. It’s not theatre, it’s not film, it’s not a cheap mid-way and it’s not trying to be like anything else. The audience can interact with the actors, choose what they want to see on stage, from where they want to see it and even decide the fate of the narrative. Like in a real show in a physical space, the audience will be ‘let in’ at a certain time – watching it from their homes all over the world while the actors and director perform live from Harkat Studios in Aram Nagar. The director can spontaneously interfere and live-edit in real time, creating a kind of hyper interactivity with the audience which is not even possible in an ‘offline’ play where the director cannot control anything once the curtains are drawn. The level of interactivity of the show depends entirely on the vision of the director and the story of the play itself.

2. Cultural Management in the Digital Space

What – Workshop
When – Application deadline 15th November 2020

Where – Further details about the project and eligibility criteria –

Arts and Culture Resources Indian and the Goethe Institut invite cultural managers currently working on digital projects and platforms to participate in their project “Cultural Management in the Digital Age” Phase 2 — a set of workshops between November and December 2020. Led by experts from the digital humanities, culture management and digital arts domains, this four-week programme will include eight closed door sessions that tackle topics in the realm of digital cultural management including digital transformation, audience development, technology and art, and building value in cultural businesses, amongst several others. The lead facilitators are: Anchal Jain – Faculty Co-Chair at Creative & Cultural Businesses Programme (CCBP) at IIM Ahmedabad; Archana Prasad – Founder & Director of; Nishant Shah – Co-founder and board member of the Centre for Internet & Society in Bangalore, India; professor at the Institute of Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media at Leuphana University in Germany; Dean – Research at ArtEZ; Padmini Ray Murray – Independent Researcher and Founder, Design Beku; Rashmi Dhanwani – Founder & Director, The Art X Company

3. Balgandharva – Swarabhinatya

What – Musical Play Reading
When – 14th November 2020


Balgandharva is renowned over the world for a heavenly voice in Indian Drama. He not only started his life with nothing, but also has experienced and witnessed the glories of the world. The play is a tribute based on his life story, a stalwart who had an immense contribution to the history of Indian Musical Drama.

4. NCPA Winter Fiesta

What – Workshops (3-20 yrs)
When – 16th – 20th November 2020


Unleash your child’s creativity and imagination with one of a wide variety of live, interactive workshops for children aged 3 – 20 years of age. From magic, to classical music, to dance, to Shakespeare, to creative writing, to physical theatre, there is something for everyone at every age. These workshops focus on enhancing imagination, creative thinking, and self-expression. Participants will learn various skills in an informal, non-competitive environment. Participants will receive an official certificate of participation from the NCPA.

5. The Actor – Online Workshops @ Prithvi

What – Workshop
When – 16th – 27th November 2020


Conducted by Neeraj Kabi

The profession of acting is about representing human relationships, human feelings, human perception and humanity at large. It is about the transformation of the actor’s mind, body and voice into his character such that the audience experiences what the actor is experiencing at deeper levels of his consciousness. The actor is all encompassing. He does not tell the story, he is the story. He does not only speak the text, he is the text. He is an instrument that can play anything and has the power to influence human minds or shift human perspectives through his performances in theatre and cinema. This acting workshop puts you on the path of becoming that instrument through a methodical process and techniques based on Theatre Arts.

6. Building A Story – Online Workshops @ Prithvi

What – Workshop (12-15 yrs)
When – 16th – 25th November 2020


Conducted by Sheena Khalid

A story-telling workshop, to unlock the storyteller potential in you. Inspiration is all around us, all we have to do is unlock our imagination. This workshop with focus on group and solo- storytelling work.

7. Move, Express

What – Workshop (11-16 yrs)
When – 16th – 27th November 2020

Where BookMyShow

Conducted by Sumeet Nagdev

Children learn nuances of modern dance with elements of Jazz-Ballet and Physical Theatre and apply their skills of expressions into storytelling through body mime and performance. The class is high on energy, full of music and helps children build stage confidence as well as allows them to express themselves wholeheartedly through musical theatre and dance. Participating students will need a minimum of 100 square feet space to move and speakers that can play music well.

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