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What’s On – International: 19th – 25th Oct

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1. Apollo 13: The Dark Side of the Moon

What – Performance
When – On till 13th December 2020

Stranded 205,000 miles from Earth in a crippled spacecraft, astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert fight a desperate battle to survive. 77 hours into their mission they lose all communications with Earth as they pass around the dark side of the Moon. Further from home than mankind has ever been, in total darkness and facing impossible odds of survival the Astronauts confront themselves and each other. Marking 50 years since the launch of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, and based, in part, on actual transcripts, this brand-new online play is a captivating re-telling of one of the greatest space stories of all time. From the creative team behind the critically acclaimed lockdown production of Sebastian Faulks’s Birdsong Online and Watching Rosie, Torben Betts’ The Dark Side of The Moon explores the outer limits of faith, hope and the power of the human spirit.

2. This Is Our Youth

What – Performance
When – 20th October 2020 (available for 72 hours)

Written by Kenneth Lonergan

This acclaimed play follows forty-eight hours in the lives of three very young New Yorkers at the dawn of the Reagan Era. The play stars Lucas Hedges, an Academy Award nominee from Lonergan’s Manchester By the Sea, this year’s Emmy Award nominee for Best Actor, Paul Mescal (Normal People) and Grace Van Patten (The Meyerowitz Stories, Good Posture). This play which involves theft, drug-dealing and youthful desires is a riveting snapshot of the moment between adolescence and adulthood. Lila Neugebauer (The Waverly Gallery) directs.

3. SEGAL TALKS with Anne Hamburger (United States)

What – Talk
When – 22nd October 2020 (Ticket valid for 4 days)
WhereHowlRound Theatre Commons and on the Segal Center Facebook.

A conversation about curating, producing and presenting theatre. Anne Hamburger founded En Garde Arts in 1985 and is widely credited with pioneering the development of site-specific theatre in New York. After 13 years she left New York to become the Artistic Director of La Jolla Playhouse, but was shortly thereafter recruited to become the Executive Vice President for Theme Parks and Resorts for Disney.

Since the beginning of March the series featured close to 100 talks with 150 artists from 50 countries. New York, US, and international theatre artists, curators, researchers, and academics will talk daily during the week for one hour with Segal Center’s director, Frank Hentschker, about life and art in the Time of Corona and speak about challenges, sorrows, and hopes for the new Weltzustand— the State of the World. SEGAL TALKS are free, open access, without ads will be live-streamed in English from Monday to Friday on HowlRound Theatre Commons and on the Segal Center Facebook. This program is presented in collaboration with HowlRound Theatre Commons, based at Emerson College. All SEGAL TALKS are archived on HowlRound, and on the Segal Center YouTube Channel.

4. The War of the Worlds: Alive on Stage

What – Concert
When – 23rd October 2020 for 48 hours

Jingle writer Jeff Wayne’s 1978 debut album, a full-length musical adaptation of H.G. Wells’s space-invaders novella ‘The War of The Worlds’, was a smash hit in the U.K., where it remains one of the 50 best-selling albums of all time. A 2006 stage version spawned a series of touring productions around the world. This video employs more than 20 cameras to capture a performance of the show’s 2012 iteration, ‘The Next Generation’, at London’s giant O2 Arena. A hologram of Liam Neeson plays the spoken-word role of the Journalist (performed on the album by Richard Burton); also in the cast are Jason Donovan, Ricky Wilson, Marti Pellow, Will Stapleton and Kerry Ellis. The real star, however, is a 35-foot flying saucer that blasts heat rays over the audience.

5. Dr. Marigold and Mr. Chops

What – Performance
When – Till 31st December 2020

Starring Simon Callow

These are two one-man plays by Charles Dickens. Directed by Patrick Garland.

MR CHOPS introduces us to the world of nineteenth century celebrity culture. A circus dwarf with social aspirations wins the lottery, finding himself taken up by high society – only to be thrown aside when they’ve got what they want from him. DR MARIGOLD tells the story of Marigold, a Cheap Jack (or travelling salesman) whose wife and daughter die tragically. He soldiers on, eventually adopting a deaf-mute girl and teaching her to communicate.

6. Bard at the Gate

What – Play Readings>
When – Weekly

Bard at the Gate is a startup play series presented by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel. The plays in this new series have been chosen by Ms. Vogel from among the hundreds and hundreds of scripts she has read and/or mentored over four decades: works that have been overlooked and never produced, along with plays that deserve a wider audience.

7. Call For Articles

What – Opportunity
When – Deadline 5th November 2020 is currently looking for writers to produce features and interviews for their magazine. They are an online platform offering up-to-date information on arts, culture & heritage from 51 countries in Asia & Europe. Well over 9 months into the global pandemic, they would like to know how Covid-19 has impacted the arts and culture sectors. They are particularly interested in commissioning case-study based articles that identify stories of resilience, adaptation, and success in the following 3 areas:

  • Artists’ residencies: with limited mobility, artists residencies have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. How have residency spaces reacted to the situation and found alternative ways to provide collaborative spaces and platforms for learning and training?
  • Arts & disabilities: how have differently disabled artists and arts organisations been impacted by the pandemic and how have they adapted?
  • Funding in the arts in times of pandemic: with limited artists’ mobility and opportunities to meet and collaborate, where are funders directing their support? Has there been a shift towards new areas of funding for the arts or simply a reduction of the same?

8. The Winter’s Tale

What – Performance
When – Anytime
WhereCheek by Jowl

Produced by Cheek by Jowl in a co-production with the Barbican, London; Les Gémeaux/Sceaux / Scène Nationale; Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg; Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa; Chicago Shakespeare Theater; Centro Dramático Nacional, Madrid (INAEM).

One of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, The Winter’s Tale, though written at the same period as The Tempest, smashes all the rules that The Tempest follows. Unity of time, place and action are hurled aside as we range across Europe, from court to country, from high tragedy to low comedy, across a time span of sixteen years. The Winter’s Tale tells of a delusional and paranoid king who tears his family apart. But this is the new Shakespeare, after he completed his great tragedies, and the tough struggle for redemption yields flickers of hope. Initial darkness gives way to joy as Time leads the characters to a shattering conclusion…

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